Top 10 Fastest Internet and Files Browsers for Android Smartphones

So far, a number of Android internet browsers and file managers has been developed. While some of them are completely ads-free, easy-to-use and fast, quite a number of them contain detracting advertisement banners, data consuming and extremely slow when opening internet pages.

Recently, we listed five applications that will help you monitor your data usage on your Android smartphone. While monitoring your data usage it is also necessary you consider the speed of your internet browsers as this will affect your bandwidth usage. In this post we are listing 10 Android internet browsers and file managers that will sky rocket your surfing experience.

 Base on popularity measure and our analyst experience; topping our list is, Dolphin Browser: It is the fastest Android browser out there which has had a total downloads of 1,090,050 so far.

 Another very famous and popular browser which is suitable for the Android operating system is the Opera Mini Browser. It has been developed by Opera Software USA and has had a total of 938,098 downloads till date.

The third fastest browser on this list of the fastest browsers for Android Smartphones is Astro file manager/browser which has been developed by Metago and has 358,155 downloads to its credit. 

Chrome browser is yet another very fast browser for Android browser which is followed by Firefox browser developed by Mozilla. UC Browser for Android is also one of the fastest Android browsers out there and is developed by USWeb inc.

Maxthon Android web browser developed by Maxthon LTD is a very fast browser for Android and next in the line is Boat browser which is developed by Boat browser.

Ninesky browser is another browser for Android which is one of the fastest and this is followed by Baidu browser which has been developed by Baidu Inc

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