Vodafone Qatar Internet Data Plans – Internet Packs & Recharge Codes

A compilation of Vodafone Qatar recharge codes for daily, weekly and monthly internet data plans

Just moved into Qatar? Here is a list of Vodafone Qatar internet pack activation and deactivation codes. We have selected all the offers in place and grouped them into daily, weekly and monthly plans.

With this page, you will be able to get started with Vodafone QA internet. We will show you how to configure your device for internet access, list of internet plans available and how to check your data balance. Note that when you use all your data allowance or do not have a data plan, you’ll be charged on a standard rate of 55Dhs/MB

Vodafone Internet Settings

If you need internet settings for you phone send the word “Internet” to 802. In less than 2 minutes you will receive the settings to your device

Vodafone Online Recharge

First, you need to know that Vodafone QA has setup a nice platform online for Qatar users to directly recharge their data packs and purchase call credits online. The website accepts payments via Visa & MasterCard.

To purchase a call credit visit https://www.vodafone.qa/go/en/online-top-up?prepaid=100#voicePacksContent

To purchase a Vodafone internet pack visit https://www.vodafone.qa/go/en/online-top-up?internet=60

The Vodafone QA online payment platform is pretty easy to use and free to access. However, if you prefer to recharge your internet plans directly from your dialing pad, keep scrolling.

Vodafone QA Daily Plans

The daily 24 hours internet plans are suitable for those with small internet demands.

Internet PlanData AllowancePriceActivation CodeValidity PeriodDescription
Daily Pack 110 MBQR1Dial *100# or *200*302#Same Day till MidnightAuto-renewed when internet is used.
Daily Pack 5250 MBQR5For Prepaid Dial *200*500# and Postpaid Dial *110*120#24hours (1 day)Data plan is not auto-renewed

Vodafone QA Weekly Internet Plans

Spending a week vacation in Qatar? The weekly internet pack is probably what you need. It offers data allowance ranging from 75 MB to unlimited bandwidth.

You can also use the weekly plan to download unlimited amount of movies and musics to watch during the weeks. If you are a heavy internet user, I suggest you use the weekly internet plan.

Internet PlanData AllowancePriceActivation CodeValidity PeriodDescription
 Weekly Pack 675 MBQR6Dial *100# or *200*306# 7 daysCan be auto-renewed on days when internet is used.
 Weekly Pack 10150 MBQR10Dial *100# or *200*710# 7 daysCan be auto-renewed.
 Weekly Pack 201 GB (1,000 MB)QR20Dial *100# or *200*720# 7 daysCan be auto-renewed.
Weekly Pack 100UnlimitedQR100Dial *100# or *200*600# 7 days Can be auto-renewed.

Vodafone QA Monthly Internet Plans

If you are an average internet user, here is a list of monthly internet plans you can choose from.

Internet PlanData AllowancePriceActivation CodeValidity PeriodDescription
Monthly Pack 20250 MBQR20Buy from the store


30 Days (1 Month)Auto-renew is enabled.
Monthly Pack 601 GBQR60Buy from the store


30 Days (1 Month)Auto-renew is enabled.
Monthly Pack 803 GBQR80Buy from the store


30 Days (1 Month)Auto-renew is enabled.
Monthly Pack 100 Recurring6 GBQR100Dial *100#, Call 11130 Days (1 Month)Auto-renew is enabled.
Monthly Pack 1006 GB + 1.5GB bonus for Falla Club.QR100Buy from the store


30 Days (1 Month)Data plan is not auto-renewed
Monthly Pack 20012 GBQR200Buy from the store


60 Days (2 Months)Data plan is not auto-renewed

My Vodafone App

My vodafone app is a mobile application that lets you manage your Vodafone account straight from your smartphone. My Vodafone app gives you ability the view all the details about your mobile line as well as recharge your voice credit and data plan.

The app is available for Android and iOs devices and it’s completely free to download and install.

Smart Data Rate

Vodafone Smart Data Rate is a fall-back alternative when your data plan is depicted.

With Smart Data Rate, once you finish the data in your monthly Postpaid plan or the data in your Prepaid Internet Pack, you’ll be charged a discounted rate up to 95% for the additional data you use rather than the standard data rate of 99Dhs/MB (effective 22 April, 2016).

How it works:

Once a customer is subscribed to Smart Data Rate, the additional data is added in steps after they have finished all the data in their plan or internet pack as shown below:

Postpaid Smart Data Rate StepsAdditional DataChargesValidity
Step 10 – 200MBQR 20End of bill period
Step 2200 – 400MBQR 20End of bill period
Step 3400 – 600MBQR 20End of bill period
Step 4600 – 800MBQR 20End of bill period
Step 5800 MB+10 Dhs/MB (100QR/GB)End of bill period
Prepaid Smart Data Rate StepsAdditional DataChargesValidity
Step 10 – 150MBQR 3Until Midnight on the same day
Step 2150 – 300MBQR 3Until Midnight on the same day
Step 3300 – 450MBQR 3Until Midnight on the same day
Step 4450 – 600MBQR 3Until Midnight on the same day
Step 5600 – 750MBQR 3Until Midnight on the same day
Step 6750 MB+2Dhs/MBUntil Midnight on the same day

Smart Data Rate Activation/Deactivation:

Smart Data Rate is free of charge for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers!

Postpaid: Dial 110111# to activate for FREE and Dial *100# and follow the menu to deactivate

Prepaid:Dial 200111# to activate for FREE and Dial 250111# to deactivate

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