Top 5 Sites for Freelancers and Buyers

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Over the years doing some spare time job has been a very good way of financing  your education or buying a cup of coffee for your troubles, exploring the web for business exposure has become a second nature to most of us, so the need of having an avenue for such exposure becomes a must. Discover the secret of how I scaled through my limitation as a student/passionate blogger and earn quite handsomely through freelancing.

As a student, I didn’t have so many options to earn online; most  ‘part time’ job I came across online are a whole bunch of scam, so I decided to ride my luck, viz.. Monetize my skills.

Freelancing is the act of rendering a particular service to individuals or group of individuals as a ‘free man’ (not committed to any employer long term). This service may include article writing, web design, health solutions, graphic, SEO help or any skill you feel you can deliver online.

If you a free man just like me: Self employed (student) and not committed to any employer long term, looking for where to showcase your products and services or you are just an individual/organization looking for where to acquire the product/services of an expert . Whichever you are here is the list of the top 5 of such sites.

Top Five Sites For Business Exposures

1. SEOClerks

SeoClerks is probably the cheapest place to get any job done. Just recently, I purchased 1,000 US human visitors for just $2, the seller provided me with a google analytics url as a prove to confirm that they were real human. The delivery was quite on time and enjoy the level of interaction allowed between buyers and sellers on this site. The website functions are pretty much like fiverr’s but there is no limit for a range of prices charged for gigs. Sellers are either online, then you will get the work within 8 hours, or offline, then you will get the work in 48 hours. Release the cash and await the job. You are also given an option to place a guarantee on your gig and create discount coupon codes for gigs.

2. Fiverr

For the past few years fiverr gigs have represented an icon for freelancers. Though sites with more features has arisen, no-one has really surpassed the credibility and originality that fiverr has always boasted of. Dealings in fiverr are called gig i.e. 1gig = $5.

3. Onedollarr

Task in onedollarr is called gig and is best for buyers who want to acquire services at a very cheap rate.    Do not let the $1 fool you, as you can as well add extras to your gig without a specified amount.

4. Gigbucks

  Sell or purchase products/services rate between $5-$50

5. Fourerr

Is always nice to some do something different and that’s exactly what fourerr has done. They have got a very good track record over the past two years and seems pretty much like the next big thing. I really recommend every freelancer try out this site and give your testimonies.

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