Blogging Tips: Tips on Becoming a Successful Blogger

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By: Joseph Onyemakonor

The internet has been one of the most widest source of knowledge and also income and blogging is one of the ways of making some good cash. There are over 10 million blogs and this number increases every day. Blogging is very good and interesting especially when you are not going into it because of the money you could make. It gives you the opportunity to share your opinion with the world at large and also reach out to people in need of help and advice. Some people will just rush into blogging without knowing what it involves, it is important you read this article and know why you shouldn’t start blogging.Here are some facts about blogging you should know and have in mind to become a successful blogger


Blogging has its advantages and is interesting once you get it started fully. Some of the advantages of blogging are

  • You get to share you opinion and ideas and meet people with similar views
  • You can build a steady audience and sell products to them which also serve as a source of income
  • You will make good amount of money from it through Advertisement.
  • In some countries, you can win awards of best blog of the year.
  • Blogging is a major investment online.

Blogging gives you the advantage of extra income to support your earnings and with time it can grow into a steady source of income. I know a blogger who earns $300everyday through advertisement and adsense. Once you have a blog and have successfully build a steady audience you can sell your blog and make over $10,000. Now isn’t that a very good investment?.


As good and profitable a blog can be, it has its disadvantages as well. Some of the disadvantages includes;

  • Blogging is highly time demanding and can affect your daily life and routine. Most successful bloggers know the great deal of work they put to get their blog when they first started before they could become freelance bloggers.
  • It requires new and interesting contents constantly: If you want your blog to grow fast, you should never copy and paste content from another site, you have to create new and unique contents. This is very difficult to do and most bloggers hire writers constantly. Now if you do not have the fund or resource to hire a writer then you might find it difficult running a blog
  • Once you start blogging you will spend a long time facing a Screen, this can damage your eye sight and even cause headaches. You have to be ready to face this. I will advice you do not blog if you already have any eye defect.


There is also a very ugly part of blogging. After you must have put much effort into your blog, and also spend time on it, you may not succeed. You may constantly continue to loss money without making any profit. Do not give up on blogging. This should give you an idea on what you are going into if you decide to choose blogging as your way of making money online

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