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Contrary to popular beliefs that Korean dramas are cheesy excuses for romantic plays, you’ll realize the error of your ways once you watch one. There are a thousand and one Asian actors gracing millions of screens across the globe. Smoking hot actors that act in even steamier dramas/movies. Korean actors happen to be at the very top rung of the hottest Asian actors ladder. We’ll be looking at a ton of the all-time Hottest South Korean Actors in this post. Their biography and some of the dramas they featured in.

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A lot of folks avoid watching Korean dramas otherwise known as K-dramas because they’re considered too mawkish. Yes, that loud gasp of disbelief was from Adie-hard K-drama fa! First of all, what’s not to love about Korean actors?. They’re perfect!. With dreamy, come-hither looks, super rich, romantic, plus that stubborn hair that keeps falling into their eyes, and did we mention rich?.”

Favourite Kdrama actors
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Before you venture to Reddit to type a disparaging Aree Kdramas even worth the hype?” question, think it through. Take some time to reflect on what would undoubtedly be the gravest mistake you have ever made in recent times. The reason is that Kdrama fans on Reddit or even any other social media space will maul you.

We asked staunch Korean film lovers about their list of hottest South Korean actors, including movie recommendations to aid your Kdrama integration. Here are some of the drool-worthy suggestions we got.

Hottest South Korean Actors

Lee Min-ho

Favourite Kdrama Actors Lee Min-ho
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Topping the hottest South Korean actors list is singer, model, creative director,r and businessman, Lee Min-ho. Women all over the world never stop gushing over Lee Min-ho. They even went as far as creating an official fan club called Minoz. This alliance was formed in June 2009 in South Korea and Japan. The 35-year-old famous actor is every inch an attractive specimen and deserves all the love he’s getting.

The versatile actor who gained popularity worldwide with his role as GuJun-Pyoo in Boys Over Flowers is irreplaceable in the hearts of millions. His role in the 2009 drama series also earned him the Best New Actor award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. Some of his notable lead and guest roles in television series include Personal Taste (2010), City Hunter (2011), Faith (2012), The Heirs (2013), and  The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016). The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) is another television series starring Lee as the top cast.

Favourite Kdrama Actors Lee Min-ho
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If you’re able to wipe that drool off your cheek at this point, we thought to share a few random qualities that make Lee stand out. Aside from the fact that he’s devastatingly handsome, Lee is romantic, caring, thoughtful, funny, quirky,y and hardworking.

Song Joong-ki

Favourite Kdrama Actors Song Joong-ki
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Popular actor Song Joong-ki is the second contender on our hottest South Korean actors list, although his loyal fans might have a fit while reading this. Joong-ki is well-known for his wicked good looks and for playing the lead role in the 2021 crime drama Vincenzo. The South Korean actor is not just downright handsome, but incredibly talented as well.

His role in Vincenzo as an aKorean-Italiann mafia lawyer earned him several accolades. The drama won Best Drama Series of 2021 at the 26th Asian Television Awards (ATA). It also became one of the top 10 TV shows on Netflix.

 Song Joong-ki
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The 37-year-old star rose to stardom after his first TV show Sungkyunkwan Scandal aired in 2010. Some of Song Joong-ki’s dramas and movies include Descendants Of The Sun (2016) where he starred as captain of a South Korean Special Forces unit. His 2022 fantasy dramas, The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate and Little Women. Additionally, in 2019, he played the role of an identical twin, Eun-seom in Arthdal Chronicles. Arthdal Chronicles Part 1: The Children of Prophecy, Arthdal Chronicles Part 2: The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Lan,d and Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude To All Legends.

Others include Man to Man, The Sound of Your Heart, The Innocent Man, Tree With Deep Roots, Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors, Will It Snow for Christmas?, My Fair Lady, Triple, My Precious You, Love Racing and Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung. A Werewolf Boy and The Battleship Island, both of which are on the list of highest-grossing films in South Korea are some of Joong-ki’s movies.

Gong Yoo

Another all-time favourite Kdrama actor is Gong Ji-cheol popularly known by his stage name Gong Yoo. The 43-year-old star is famous for his heart-stopping looks and impressive acting skills. Gong Yoo is not just appreciated for his impeccable and striking features, many people adore his charming, smart,t and witty persona both on-screen and off it.

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The actor has starred in several Korean dramas and movies including his famous breakout television series, Coffee Prince. Gong played the role of an irresponsible bachelor who pretends to be gay to avoid blind dates arranged by his grandmother.

List of hottest south korean actors
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School 4 (2001) was his first debut as an actor, after starting his show business career as a video jockey on Mnet in 2000. Subsequently, Gong Yoo did many supporting roles in dramas and movies and hosted the music program “Music Camp” in 2004. Among the other supporting roles he played are in the 2002 dramas, Whenever the Heart Beats and Hard Love. Gong has also starred in Twenty Years, Screen, Biscuit Teache,r and Star Candy, One Fine Day, Big, Dating Agency: Cyrano, Goblin, Squid Gam,e, and The Silent Sea. Come 2024, he will be playing a guest role in Squid Game Season 2.

Ji Chang-wook


Drop-dead-gorgeous South Korean actor, Ji Chang-wook graced the big screens with his witty, softhearted, swashbuckling persona and won the hearts of millions of kdrama fans. Not only is he charming, he’s very much easy on the eyes, with those rippling pectorals.

Chang-wook’s rise to fame kick-started after his first lead role in the 2010 drama Smile Again. The daily drama saw the beginning of his great talent and versatility. Following the hit on Smile Again, Chang-wook went on to play lead and supporting roles in several other dramas.

All time favourite and hottest south korean actors

Some of them include the historical drama Empress Ki, Healer, The K2, Suspicious Partner, Melting Me Softly, Backstreet Rookie, Lovestruck In The City, and the 2022 NetflixK-drama The Sound Of Magic.

For the maximum Ji Chang-wook effect, fans recommend watching some of his earliest dramas. This is reputedly the easiest way to get acquainted with Chang-wook’s terrific personality.

Kim Soo-hyun

hottest south korean actors

Among the best-drama actors, Soo-Hyunn is one actor that has established a name for himself. In the highest-paid actors’ hierarchy in South Korea, he’s at the head of the table.

Quite impressive are the featsSoo-Hyunn had achieved over a decade. He won four Baeksang Arts Awards, two Grand Bell Awards,s, and one Blue Dragon Film Award. From 2012 to 2016 and in 2021, he appeared in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list

hottest south korean actors

His debut sitcom Kimchi Cheese Smile put a spotlight on him and was the groundwork for the complete overhaul of his acting career. Soo-hyun also played lead and supporting roles in various television series and dramas including Jungle Fish which was inspired by true events. Will It Snow For Christmas?, Dream High, Embracing The Sun, My Love From The Stars, The Producers, Hotel Del Luna, Crash Landing On You, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay and One Ordinary Day are Soo-hyun’s major contributions to Korean drama.


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