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16 Online Jobs that will Make You Real Money in College

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A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web┬áconsisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).

When you make money from your own website or blog it is known as blogging. Nowadays, everybody seems to own a blog site, you could also create your own blog site. You need to ensure you have a passion for writing and also good English skills.

You could discuss different issues or topics on you blog site. Blogging means to blog, whereby you share your thoughts, views and also interest online through the internet. You share out your views on what is going on the economy, your idea on some other delicate issues. Many top officials started their career through blogging, where they shared their thoughts and opinions. Also to give solutions on problems.

In your blog you need to ensure that when you write up on issues or problems, you also bring out possible solutions which can resolve the issue or problem.

In order to make money through your blog site, you need to ensure that your write up is unique and also useful to your online users, they can get solutions to problems. When your blog site is useful and unique you would have more visitors on your site.

Topics you can write on your blog site.

  • Publish some little or unknown facts.
  • Write a story.
  • Write inspirational or motivational posts with popular quotes.
  • Software and gadgets.
  • Create a list of things (such as current songs, books, movies, etc.)
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