Airtel Me2U Service: Effective Transfer and Password Tips

Me2U is a long existing service that lets you transfer airtime credit from one Airtel sim to another. The services was introduced in the days when the company we now know as Airtel NG today was ran by V.Mobile (a Nigerien telecommunication company).

Using Me2u

Every Airtel subscriber is entitled to use the Me2u service; no activation is required. The password by default is set to 1234 and you can go ahead and perform transactions with this password.

However, to be on the safer side, it is recommended that you change this password to something that will be easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess.

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Security consciousness is” the first step of wisdom”, especially when the matter involves money. How do you ensure that a malicious person will not transfer your airtime credit when your phone is being stolen, or while you are charging your mobile phone at mama nkechi’s kiosk?

We shall find out, but first, let me show you how to change your default password.

How to reset Airtel Me2u password

To change your Me2U default password, send a message to 432 using the following format: PIN OldPin NewPin

For example if you want your new pin to be 3030, then send “PIN 1234 3030” to 432.

In the above example, OldPin is your current Airtel Me2U password. If you forgot your current Airtel Me2U password, consider tips on how to recover your Airtel Me2U password.

Password Tips for Airtel Me2u Service

It’s one thing to have a strong password, remembering this password is a different story altogether. Aritel will not hesitate to bar you from using the Me2u service the first time you enter a wrong password thrice. To save you the troubles of going through the rigorous process of unbarring your account, it is important to strike a balance between a strong password and a password you can remember.

With that being said, let’s take a long look at some of the effective tips that will help you maintain a healthy Me2u password and keep the thieves away.

  • Avoid using a straight password: A password like 2468, 1234, 9876 etc. will often be easy for anyone to guess as it involves the multiple of a single number, serial increase and decrease of a number respectively.
  • Do not use a single number for password:  e.g. 1111, 2222, 9999 etc.
  • Do not use your year of birth: Someone who knew you were born on 1987 can easily assume that it’s your password. Just make sure you don’t fall for that mistake.
  • Beware of the last four digits of your phone number: Using the last four digit of your phone may sound like a good bargain but when all other methods fails, the thief might be tempted to try the last four digit of your phone number.

Any random four numbers is a good password, you can pick any four digit from your first flyer number, the last four digit of your first phone number or even the birth year of your grand mother.

Transferring Airtime Credit with Airtel Me2u

Did you just recharge the wrong sim? Or need to transfer some airtime credit to your daughter in high school? Just send a message to 432 using the following message format: 2U PhoneNumber Amount PIn

For instance, if you want to transfer N100 to 08020000000 and your pin is 1234, then send: “2U 08020000000 100 1234” to 432.

How to Transfer Airtime using Airtel STK

The SIM Application Toolkit (STK) is a standard application of the GSM system which enables the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) to initiate actions which can be used for various value-added services.

The Airtel STK application comes with a service that allows you to transfer credit on Airtel to another Airtel subscriber.

  1. Launch Airtel STK Application

    From the Airtel Menu on your SIM, select Airtel Services. If you are using a smart phone, locate the SIM Toolkit application from your applications drawer.

  2. Select Me2U

    Initialize the Airtel Me2u service by selecting Me2U from the list of services.

  3. Send airtime credit.

    Select the send airtime credit option from the menu.

  4. Enter Amount

    Enter the amount of credit you want to transfer. Remember that Airtel takes NGN10 transaction fee, i.e. If you are transferring N100, you must at least have N110 airtime balance for the transaction to be successful.

  5. Choose or enter phone number

    Select option to enter Phone Number or choose the Number from your address book.

  6. Confirm the transaction

    Check your transaction to make sure the subscriber phone number and airtime credit amount is correct.

  7. Enter PASSWORD

    Enter your secure password. If you have forgotten your password, kindly follow our tips below to recover your password.

  8. Send

    Finalize your transfer by hitting the send button.

Note: This service will cost an additional charge of N10. i.e. If you are transferring N100, you must at least have N110 airtime balance for the transaction to be successful.

How to unbar Airtel Me2u

If you enter a wrong pin more than thrice during a transfer, you are likely to be kicked out from further using the Me2u service. This is a security measure from Airtel to ensure that an intruder is not trying to make away with your money.

Unfortunately, there is no short code readily available to unbar me2u service on your Airtel line. Not to worry though, you can still unbar your account and continue enjoying Airtel Me2u service.

Follow the steps below to ubar Me2U service on your Airtel account. If you find yourself doing this too often, consider reading our tips for a healthy password.

  1. Get your SIM pack ready. Your PUK may be required for identification.
  2. Contact Airtel customer care number. Call 111 / 121 toll-free from an Airtel line. You can as well call +234-802-150-0111 from a non-airtel number or +234-802-150-0121 if you are calling from abroad.
  3. Choose to speak to an agent.
  4. Ask that you want to unblock your Me2U account.
  5. To reset the pin, kindly provide the last 5 digits of the serial number on the sim, last recharge amount and length of usage.

Airtel Me2U Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my Airtel Me2U PIN?

You can reset your Aitel Me2U by contacting Airtel customer support by calling 111 or 112. To reset the pin, you will need to provide the last 5 digits of the serial number on the sim, last recharge amount and length of usage.

How do I solve a problem of data not sent on Airtel Me2U?

If you are getting this error while using the phone USSD, try using the Airtel SIM Toolkit application. If problem persist, restart your phone or contact customer service.

For quicker support, you can as well reach out to @AirtelNigeria on Twitter.


To ask someone to send you airtime credit this season, simply dial *141*8*NUMBER# e.g. *141*8*0802000000#.

I wish you all Merry Xmass in advance! and stay safe ­čÖé

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