Tips for Creating Custom Themes with Growl for OSx

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You might install Growl for design purposes or simply by accident. There are numerous applications that provide support to it. There are even some applications that are available along with Growl. It is one of the few applications that many will consider to be usable with OS X only. Growl is perhaps the coolest notification applications for OS X. The application is known to aid many in getting alerts, whether they’re new tweets, software update or new emails. Developers have also considered Growl as a staple application because its API’s are usable by developers for the integration of alerts in their individual applications.

Growl is not only OS X’s primary notification system, it is a well thought out design available with different animations and themes. It comes with its own themes preset, which you can obtain after downloading the application from your nearest Mac App Store. You can simply visit the Growl website to get a hold of the desired themes.

There are many styles of themes to opt from, including AirMail Classic, Basics 1.3, Portal Growl Style and more. Growl is a cool application because you can customize the notification type you want to be displayed. If you want to customize it further, you can set styles on the screen. Growl was set to get updated by its developers. It is a 3rd party notification system that features Boxcar and Prowl in addition to an enhancement of display and action displays via visual ones.

This update is a major one because of the support provided to the Notification Center in Mountain Lion. Its functionality and operation is a straightforward one- users can keep on using Growl and consolidating the present visual displays on Apple’s Notification Center. Users can also open Preferences, click on General, and set the OS X notifications to on. By doing so, you will become capable of adding Growl to your apps listed, which is under the System Preferences’ Notifications. It might also be effective to make use of Growl as a major bridge between the Notification Center and the 3rd party apps.

Growl 2.0 also comes with an additional element where you can separately handle the action and visual displays.

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