Explore Skype Keyboard Shortcuts Like a Ninja!

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Ofcours, everyone wants to navigate more fluently on skype while using a computer but not everyone knows it’s “hotkeys”. The use of keyboard shortcuts helps you navigate easily and save time while using the VoIP service.

“It makes you a Ninja” but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to setup this all important keyboard shortcuts. In this tutorial, I’m going to take you on a walk-through on how to setup and personalize your keyboard shortcut for skype.

#1. Enabling Keyboard Shortcut in Skype

 These are keyboard shortcuts for when you want to:

  • Answer a call
  • Answer a call with video
  • Ignore a call
  • End a call
  • Take a snapshot during video calls
  • Focus on Skype
  • Search for people on Skype
  • Mute your microphone
  • Toggle mute (Push-to-talk)
  • Switch view

If you have already enabled keyboard shortcut for your skype skip this part, otherwise:

  • Locate tools on your skype interface
  • Click on options
  • At the bottom of the list, click on the advance tab and
  • Select hotkeys (is represented with 
  • Check the box next to “Enable keyboard shortcuts.” Do not close the window.
  • Check the actions you want to enable hotkeys for.

#2. Personalize your Keyboard Shortcuts

In the “hotkey” window you will find a couple of hotkey commands already set up, but you can personalize all the actions with shortcuts of your own preference. 

  • Simply click on the check box next to an action, 
  • Click on Change selected shortcut
  • Add your own shortcut key sequence into a pop-up window.

  The number of shortcuts you want to setup depends on you, Avoid using complex key combination that will be difficult for you to remember, I suggest using hotkey commands that you’re already familiar with, e.g., “Control” + “F” for search. Once you’ve personalized the hotkeys to your taste, click “Save” at the bottom of the window.

  •  Finally, click save and enjoy skype like a ninja!

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