Top 15 Free Live Wallpapers for Android Devices

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Live wallpapers refreshes your Android screen and keeps your device alive. While some of you will go down as legends in this field, a lot of us are yet to explore the excitement of Android live wallpapers. Whichever category you fall into, here is a chance to try a new thing, applaud your favourite wallpapers that made the list or tell us which wallpaper you feel should have been listed.

The wallpapers listed in this post are all live wallpapers, less-buggy and elegant in appearance. Also, the wallpapers are responsive and can adapt to any device or screen size.

Read on as we list 15 Android live wallpaper that attracted us this week or in the past two weeks.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper – Download

We have been following this wallpaper for quite sometimes now. It’s consistency and clean fascinating layout has earned it a first slot in our listing today.   This is your a ticket to get Koi (amazing fishes) swimming around your smartphone or tablet. This wallpaper comes with 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, with fully interactive water that supports multitouch.   

Transparent Wallpaper Camera – Download

Make your own live wallpapers! This applications allows you to record video from your camera and use them as wallpapers. 3D Angel Live Wallpaper – Download The quickest route to bring down the angels a little closer yourself. This a 3D live wallpaper that contains the Angel prayer, angel song and a beautiful angel.  

Funny Monkey Live Wallpaper – Download Install an arrogant monkey your Android device. Funny Monkey Live Wallpaper. It is not a polite monkey. As you touch the monkey on the head she will show you the “Fuck You”. Tap it in her hand and the monkey will break the screen on the phone (cracked screen). The monkey is funny and she loves to laugh. Tickle the monkey in her leg and she is going to laugh.

Autumn Live Wallpaper – Download

Your screen will produce amazing autumn leaves rustling inside the little house in the woods. You might end up spending the whole day busting bubbles.

Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper – Download

A spectacular backdrop of storm clouds, lightning, and rain!

KF Flames Free Live Wallpaper – Download

Start a blazing fire on your device screen. It’s time to scare the hell out of your friends!

Savage Kitten Lite – Download

Savage Kitten Lite live wallpaper features a black savage kitten yet not your average house pet!

Cracked Screen – Download

Tricked your friends into believing that your new Android screen is broken. You need to download this app it’s fun to mess with your friends.

aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper- Download

Turn your phone/table into a mini aquarium. Select 20 fish from 180 species to grow. Feed them and make babies.

Fireplace Live Wallpaper – Download

Enjoy the warm glow and ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace right on your Android smartphone

Alarm Clock Wallpaper – Download

Alarm Clock Live Wallpaper is a digital clock and alarm on your home screen. It features: – One-touch snooze. – Set alarm tone, time, and reoccurring days. – 24 hour clock support. – Alarm will still sound even if device’s screen is off.  

Bubbly Beer Live Wallpaper – Download

It is always good to have a beer in your hand, it gives you energy, confidence, and might make you drunk! Drink responsibly and we hope nobody gets charged for DUI!

Magic Touch : 3D Lighter – Download

Love to create ripples in bathtub and watch them subside. Now you could create same kind of waves in your cell phone. All you have to do is, set the wall paper on your screen and touch the point where you like to see ripples appear.

iOS 7 Glass – Download

Free elegant live wallpaper, iOS look-a-like.

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