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In case you didn’t notice ELITES WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY is now on www.eobasi.com and we are proud to announce to you that we are currently partnering with 3rd Planet Techies & Nairatrain.com to provide you with better services including premium and free services.

What happens to eobasi.blogspot.com?

Currently, www.eobasi.blogspot.com will redirect you to www.eobasi.com. Though we lost our 2 page rank and alexa rank but we are working very hard to improve our previous stats.

Our Goals!

We are working to build a conducive environment where webmaster can share and learn new ideas on how to improve their websites. Currently, we have written some amazing tutorials on WordPress, Blogger, Oxwall and a few Webmaster Tips.

We will also try to keep you up-to date with the most recent technology news and while we give amazing tips on how to monetize your website we also don’t keep you away from internet safety tips.

We hope that in the nearest future we will be able to provide you with better webmasters tools and make our website even more conducive.

Free Services

As usual we will always try to provide you with answers regarding any blog on this website, however, we bare the interest of our readers in mind and might not entertain nor respond to private e-mail or personal contact either through our facebook fans page or twitter fans page.

We advice you use the comment section on each blog post for all your question. The reason for these is to help other readers who are asking the same question resolve their issues without having to contact us again.  

Premium Services

If you are worried about making your answers public or wishes to have a unique special coding or customization, then your are welcome to contact us privately or send a pm to Obasi Ebenezer on nairatrain.

Our services are often affordable and more often than not, negotiable. We also provide advertising services that runs both on Ewtnet, obasimvilla & 3rd Planet Techies.

Get Involve

The success of our mission depends on participation from people like you. Find out how you can help other bloggers and webmasters across the globe.

Guest posting

You can participate in our project of providing webmasters and bloggers across the globe with unique support by submitting your unique guest post.


Our support process relies on enthusiastic contributors like you to help others get the most out of our services. You can contribute a lot by asking questions, applauding or answering question on the blogs comment section.

Spread The Word

Help us spread the word about our projects and custom codes, use the share buttons to share our projects on social medias and social bookmarking sites.  

Reader Feedback & Questions Was this post helpful to you? Do give your feedback in the comments section below. And remember: please keep your comments relevant, and avoid spamming and/or promoting your own blog/business. Thank you 🙂

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