Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

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Apple has scheduled the launch of its Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The official release in the US is set for February 2 and preorders for the device will commence on January 19, kicking off at 8 a.m. ET. This latest Apple product is powered by what Apple describes as the world’s first spatial operating system. Users can navigate a 3D interface using their voice and eye/hand movements without needing an external controller. By seamlessly blending the user’s physical surroundings with the digital experience, Apple seeks to offer a more enjoyable entertainment experience for gamers, along with the potential for improved collaboration in workspaces.

Priced at $3,500, the Vision Pro headset is equipped with 256GB of storage and responds to voice commands, as well as eye and hand gestures. Apple also announced that the Vision Pro headset will be available online and in Apple Stores across the US.

During last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC), Apple announced the price of the headset which elicited audible reactions from the guests. With two high-end displays with resolutions surpassing that of a 4K display, Apple’s giving all the other mixed reality headsets a run for their money. The device has garnered positive early reviews, despite its steep cost. Apple has initiated shipments to US warehouses at Apple retail locations.

Back in June 2023, rumors suggested that the new headset, possibly named either Reality One or Reality Pro, will feature an iOS-like interface. Along with an immersive video display, and advanced sensors and cameras. That enables users to control the device through hand gestures, eye movements, and voice commands using Siri. One of the most exciting features is the outward-facing display that can capture eye movements and facial expressions. A revolutionary inclusion that allows observers to interact with the wearer more naturally.

In terms of functionality, the mixed-reality headset is expected to offer a wide range of applications, including gaming, fitness, and meditation. Users will also have access to popular iOS apps like Messages, FaceTime, and Safari.

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