The Best Guide For Augmented Reality Apps

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology that adds value in the real world using digital media and information like videos and 3D models while superimposing in real-time, the camera view of connected glasses, your PC, tablet or smart phone.

Augmented Reality tools have three main categories. Augmented Reality 3D viewers use trackers to place life size 3D models in the environment. Augmented Reality browsers provide contextual information to add value to your camera feed. Augmented Reality games offer interactive gaming experiences.

Benefits of Using Augmented Reality Apps

There are a number of benefits derived from employing augmented reality apps. These include the following.

Presentation Tool
Marketing, design and sales teams benefit from the use of Augment as a powerful visualization tool.

Catalogue Animation
You can bring life to any print content. Your print can be scanned from any location and 3D models, links to your site or videos can pop up.

Here are some of the best Augmented Reality Apps currently on the market.

Amway Augmenter

Amway Augmenter uses image recognition to choose codes and images. Content is then activated to play on the device screen.It is a very easy app to operate. All you need to do is identify the content that you want to augment and hold your device over the image in a way that all of it will appear on the screen. The application does the rest for you.

Visuar Augmented Reality

This is a general purpose augmented reality application. It significantly reduces the cost of marketing and advertising campaigns. Salient features of this application include centering the view in the middle and sawing the interior, take photos and share on social networks and email, change textures and add personal targets in real time, add video texture as well as video, sounds and animations escalate, rotate and move in all perspectives in addition to having your own corporate image and corporate channel.

Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser

This augmented reality browser has been described as the Swiss Army knife of augmented reality. This app has been developed for the iPhone and iPad. Salient features include pinning your location to find your car later, viewing local tweets, viewing geotagged Wikipedia entries as well as hotels, cinemas and many other amenities. Holding your phone horizontally shows your location on map giving you the option regarding the layer you would like to look at.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving

This augmented reality app helps you keep track of your location while on the road while preventing the occurrence of accidents. Features include an audio-visual warning used to detect veering off the road and moving closer to the vehicle next to you. This is done by employing sensors, GPS and the smart phone camera. Operation is simple. All you have to do is mount it on the windshield which activates it automatically once the vehicle is set in motion. Other features include parking location detection allowing you to find your car later via a clicked photo and the area navigation.

R U McSafe Augmented Reality

This augmented reality app is employed to supplement safety and health measures in the work environment. It allows you to utilize your mobile device to view a variety of safety situations in space or real time. All that is required is for you to position your screen over the printed marker that fills the screen when seen from above. You can watch as the 3D appears as if they are right before your eyes. It allows you to interact with the 3D animation through the use of your finger. You can spin the icons and choose the situation you want to view.

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