Top 7 Best Photo Editing App for iPhone

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The best photo editing app for iPhone is determined by the purpose for which the app is used. Instagram has become an established brand though there is stiff competition in the market. Although these apps are not perfect Graphic software, they make user experiences much easier and create more independence with regards to quick editing and can be used on iOS and Android operated phones. There is a wide variety of photo editing apps to choose from but here are the 7 best photo editing app for iPhone on the market at the moment.


Apart from being a photo editing app PicsArt serves the purpose of being a social network for sharing photos. Editing tasks like color adjustments, re sizing and cropping can be undertaken by using the Photo button. Other salient features include Effects that issue specialized tools like red-eye removal, watercolor, pastel and cartoonizer that you can brush on to the image. Conversely, you can snap pictures with a camera tool and paint or draw on an image using a layer-based interface with the Draw tool. It has one of the widest collections of image manipulation tools.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is an all-round photo editor & one of the best photo editing app for iPhone. It has facilities that ensure resizing, cropping and basic cleanup. Other specialized tools providing additional enhancements to your photos include one-touch cleanups, Autofix, teeth whitening and red-eye removal. Striking improvements are ensured by lighting effects and overlays in addition to colour adjustment and other tools that are done with fine-grained control.


If you are looking for artistic and classical images, this is the right photo editor app for your iPhone. Salient features include adjustment tools and frames including fast and rough image filters. Custom effect brushes are at your fingertips to selectively paint on special effects. Repix is compatible with Samsung’s S-Pen that provides brushes, frames, filters in addition to other tools that are available as in-app purchases.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

This photo editing app incorporates some desktop functions that are employed with the larger app. These include filters, adjustments, selection tools and layers. During editing, there is no loss of detail because there is no downscaling while editing up to 12 megapixels when working on high-resolution photos. Despite being slightly advanced for the novice, this is a powerful editor that makes an exceptional choice.

Adobe Photoshop Express

For those in need of a basic photo editing app, Adobe Photoshop Express is the right tool. Its properties include one-touch filters and Auto-fix for quick edits including slider controls for image enhancements such as shadows, exposure and contrast. In-app purchases allow for the incorporation of additional features like image utilities, special features and advanced filters. The basic package is mostly sufficient for simple editing manoeuvres that include cropping, resizing and red-eye correction.

Snapseed Mobile

Snapseed mobile provides more selective tools with one-touch enhancement through exceptional usability and power. Essential attributes allow you to fine-tune the image using a simple slider as well as quick boosts to colour and contrast including photo clean ups with Auto Correct. Other features provided are ‘Selective Adjust’ mode enabling you to tune concentrated portions of the image using saturation edits, colour and brightness in addition to the Tune Image tool that allows you to alter a variety of image effects like warmth, shadows and brightness. Tilt-shift provides a wide selection of tools and filters as well.


iPhoto is a high-end photo editing app for iOS featuring smart organizational tools that enable you to tag and sort out your photos as well as touch-based tools for adding special effects and cleaning up photos. Brush-based editing tools give you the leeway to use your fingertip in sharpening, darkening or lightening images. You can selectively edit pictures by employing gesture-based and multi-touch tools. Users can order custom photo prints or photo books while you can share photos online as slideshows or web journals.

We believe the list above features best photo editing app for iPhone, we hope this article can help you choose the right app , as always we’d love to hear your comments, suggestions…

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