A Peep at the New Generation of iPhone 5s: It’s Golden

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We successful predicted the next generation of android phone earlier this year, today EWT will be turning it’s attention to the current giant of smartphone market.

Until now, Apple’s iPhone has only been available in white and black. New reports have declared that the next generation of iPhone is debuting in gold. The iPhone 5S will not be made of complete gold but a rather subtle and sheer champagne color. It will be almost the same tint as the gold iPod mini.

Across the internet, many sites have already published pictures of champagne colored iPhones. In the meanwhile, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of KGI Securities, has put all rumors to rest by offering accurate and legit details about the product plans of Apple and also published a note where he claims that the iPhone 5S devices will most definitely be available in gold.

Kuo made forecasts about the new model, which will be available with a new look and enhanced features, like 128GB storage. Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S on September 10th at a media event.

The new iPhone 5S will be inclusive of an A7 system on a chip or SOC, which will be on the basis of 64-Bit ARMv8 architecture of ARM. The 64-bit chips generally offer more memory and is more enhanced than the other software in demand. The A7 will also boost and enhance the performance level of the A6. The iPhone 5S will be built with a rear camera, kept with a 8MP sensor and will also have a large aperture of f/2.0. The camera is said to match the efficiency of HTC One and will be available with dual LED Flash!

Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the iPhone will come with a sapphire home button, built with a fingerprint sensor. With rumors of iPhone 5S being made available in different colors, including golden color, as well as green, pink, white and blue, the eagerness is increasing more than ever.

This will be the first time that the tech giant will launch a smartphone in color, aside from black or white. Reports are also citing that Apple further plans to offer many variation as well as cheaper series of the expensive iPhone, in order to expand the market and rake in more customers.

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