Friday, September 24, 2021

Facebook is dropping in Popularity with Teens Again, Study Shows

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A new study by the research firm Frank N. Magid Associates shows that the popularity of Facebook for teenagers in the US between 13 and 17 have dropped down to 88%. The study had also found that a decline in popularity for all age groups has lowered to 90% this year, as opposed to the 94% in the last two years. CNET reported that in October 2013, the company’s CFO David Ebersman stated that daily use on Facebook for teenagers had declined between the second and third quarter.

Opposed to this statement however in November 2013, COO Sheryl Sandberg dismissed any concerns about Facebook declining in popularity for teenagers in the United States. “The vast majority of US teens are on Facebook, and the majority of US teens use Facebook everyday,” Sheryl Sandberg had stated.

A different study from the research firm Forrester that was conducted in June found that Facebook was still the most favorite social network among 4,500 teenagers surveyed between the ages 12 and 17 in the United States. Among those polled in Frank N. Magid’s survey, 16 percent said that Facebook was trendy, 18 percent said that it was fun and 16 percent said it was informative. However, only 9 percent said it was safe and 9 percent said it was trustworthy.

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Magid’s survey was served this past September and reached 1,934 people. However, only people with smartphones were surveyed. The surveyed members only make up a very tiny fraction of the social networking giant’s 1 billion+ users.

What are you thoughts on the study’s results of popularity decline for US teens with Facebook? Leave us a comment below.

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