How To Stay Anonymous On The Web

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How to Stay Anonymous on the web

With the continual erosion of internet privacy and the rising level of security threats, more people are now turning to virtual private networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic, making it invisible to third parties like surveillance agencies, your internet provider, and the network admin. Plus, they protect your devices from hackers and the risks associated with public WiFi networks. Keep reading because is going to give you key details on how to stay anonymous online.

How VPNs Work

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a channel that allows you to browse the internet with enhanced security and privacy. It also gives you the ability to get around content as well as censorship restrictions.

Typically, a VPN works by establishing an encrypted connection between your device or computer and a VPN server. This encrypted connection is often considered as a protected ‘tunnel’ through which users can access everything on the internet while appearing to be in the same location as the server they’re connected to.

This technology gives you a high level of online anonymity, allows you to access everything online without restrictions, and provides you with enhanced security. VPNs will encrypt and secure your online traffic, whilst also unblocking content from various parts of the world.

Without a good VPN, everything you do on the internet is traceable to your physical location as well as the device you’re using. Every device which connects to the internet comes with a unique IP address that can be altered by the VPN server you’re utilizing.  Since most VPN providers have servers located all over the world, you’ll have access to numerous connection possibilities.

The Benefits

There are many reasons why you may want to consider utilizing a VPN and these include:

  • Surfing the internet without exposing your real IP address as well as your geo-location.
  • Adding an extra level of privacy and security by encrypting your online activity.
  • Preventing your ISP (Internet Service Provider), governments, third parties, and network administrators from spying on your internet activities.
  • Unblocking websites and accessing content that’s restricted to specific geographic locations.
  • Bypassing censorship by getting around regional restrictions.
  •  Browsing the internet with peace of mind.
  • Protecting yourself from hackers whenever you’re connected to public WiFI connections in airports, cafes, and hotels.

 Their Legality

VPNs are absolutely legal. They’re designed to help users protect their online privacy and security. Most businesses are now utilizing VPNs – and that won’t change any time soon.

Nonetheless, there are few exceptions in places such as the United Arab Emirates, where the use of virtual private networks is currently restricted. But still, the laws in these countries don’t outlaw the VPN itself. Rather, it restricts the use of VPNs to bypass the state censorship efforts.

China and Russia have also attempted to ban certain VPNs- but these measures typically fail, because of the fact that VPN traffic can be hidden to appear like regular HTTPS traffic.


VPNs are routinely utilized by businesses across the globe for network security. Thus, you’ll never witness an outright ban on all VPNs since they’re absolutely necessary for both businesses as well as individual security. All you need is to shop around for reputable providers such as NordVPN, VyprVPN, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN, who offer reliable products.

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