How to Create a U.S and Other Foreign Bank Accounts and Get a Debit Card any

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If you are residing within Australia, Nigeria, India, Russia or anywhere else around the world, wanting to own a U.S bank account or localized accounts in EURO, CHY, GBP and JPY. The Payoneer service is a secure and convenient service that allows you to send and receive funds globally.

This is nothing like PayPal or the likes. These are fully functional bank accounts in your name. You can withdraw your funds from an ATM or make payments online with your Payoneer debit card.

Payoneer debit card
Payoneer debit card

As a resident of Nigeria (or any other country) you can own a U.S Checking Account that provides you with a US collection account that can be used to receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account.

These payments can be withdrawn using your Payoneer debit card or used to make other payments online.

Payoneer Global Payment Service

Furthermore, Payoneer allows account holders to own, receive and make payments in other localised currencies using the Global Payment Service.

There are two types of receiving accounts:

Local receiving accounts – let you get paid by local bank transfer from companies in different countries as if you had a local bank account in that country. Receiving local accounts include:

  • USD Receiving Account (United States)
  • EUR Receiving Account (Europe)
  • GBP Receiving Account (United Kingdom)
  • CHY Receiving Account (People’s Republic of China)
  • JPY Receiving Account (Japan)

Wire (SWIFT) receiving accounts – let you get paid by wire transfer worldwide. You can use wire (SWIFT) receiving accounts to receive payments from companies located in countries where local receiving accounts aren’t supported.

Payoneer Debit Card

Payoneer allows you to receive ACH / Direct Deposit transfers from cooperate organizations such as eBay, Fiverr, Amazon, Upwork, etc. The debit card makes it easy and convenient to perform various transactions online such as purchasing or paying for services online and can be used in any ATM globally that accepts MasterCard.

You can request for a separate debit card for all your currencies. Depending on your location, your debit card is shipped between 2-5 weeks.

Setting Up your Payoneer Account

Creating a Payoneer account is easy. You can start by simply creating an account on the Payoneer website. But the easiest method to get your account approved and verified is going through a third party.

Co-operations such as Amazon, SeoClerks and Fiverr allows you to receive funds through your Payoneer account. Hence, providing you with a unique link to setup of your Payoneer account. In this tutorial, I will be walking you through on how to setup your U.S bank account and get your Payoneer card using Infolinks.


  • A Valid Email Address – Create a Gmail
  • A Website/Blog – Create a Free Blog
  • Infolinks Publisher Account – Create it!
  • A scanned copy of a government-issued ID (any of Driving licence, Passport, National ID or Voter’s Card will be fine)

Setting Up your Infolinks Publisher’s Account

Infolinks is a media advertisement partner that allows you to share advertisement revenue by implementing the infolinks publisher code on your website or blog.   If you don’t already own one, proceed to Gmail to create a free email account. Then visit to start a free blog powered by Google.

  When all is set, proceed to Infolinks Publisher’s account setup, and enter your website/blog (e.g. address in the specified input box. FIll the remaining info and complete the setup by implementing the Infolinks code on your website/blog (See how to add custom widget on Blogger to add your Infolinks code on the Blogger platform).

Request your Payoneer Debit Card

I believe you have already setup your email address and created an Infolinks publisher’s account. Now, proceed to your Infolinks payment setting:

  • Enter your contact details and click next
  • Select Payoneer pre-paid debit card as your payment method
  • Immediately beneath this area, you will find a notification box prompting you that no Payoneer account is associated with your infolinks account. Kindly, follow the Creat account link and fill the form at the Payoneer website. This process will require your email address and a government issued ID. If you do not have any of driving licence, national id or passport you can select National ID and use your voters’s card later.
Get paid using Payoneer on Infolinks

Note: Ensure that your billing address is valid and correct. To be on the safer side, visit the nearest post office to get details of your mailing address.

  • At this point a confirmation message will be sent to your email. Sit back and wait for 2-5 business days for your Payoneer account to be reviewed and approved.

Once your account is approved you will receive a congratulation email!

Activate Payoneer Debit Card

Your Payoneer Debit card will arrive your mailing address within 2-5 weeks. Once you receive it, you can proceed to your Payoneer account to view your status and activate your card.

Setting Up your U.S Bank Account

A free U.S checking account will be created for you the moment your debit card request is approved. This account is used to receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account.

Check your email inbox for an email from [email protected] containing the following message:

Dear FirstName,

Welcome to the Payoneer US Payment Service.

This service provides you with a US collection account that can be used to receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account!

Your US Payment Service information:
BANK NAME: Bank Of America
ACCOUNT #: ***-***-***-***-***-***
ABA # (Bank Routing Number): ####-#####
Please Note: Your US Payment Service has not yet been verified. In order to ensure that payments you receive are funded to your account without delay, you’ll need to verify your service by completing the following steps:

Click here to complete the US Payment Service Questionnaire
Click here to submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID

Kindly, follow the links provided in the email to submit your US Payment Questionnaire and a scanned copy of your government-issued photo ID respectively.

Wait for a message similar to this one:

Congratulations! Your U.S Bank Account is ready to be used. You can use this account to receive funds from various U.S co-operation including Paypal and Amazon.

Need Help?

If you want us to help you setup your U.S Checking Account or request for a Payoneer debit card. Contact us here.

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